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January 30, 2011

So Owen (ie, the baby of “chowdownbaby”/my personal baby food guinea pig) will really only eat banana if it’s mixed with another fruit, and more often than not, I mix it with pumpkin. In my pre-mom life, it never would have occurred to me to mix those two foods together, but it’s pretty delicious. (One of these days I’m going to get my you know what together and make pumpkin banana bread–now, doesn’t that sound fantastic?)

Pumpkin and bananas are both very good choices for first foods for both baby and Mommy–mild-tasting and easy to prepare. You should know that bananas are known to be kind of binding (which, given your needs, can either be a positive or a negative attribute) and pumpkin is high in fiber, so the two sort of even each other out in that department. Bananas, of course, are extremely easy to find; however, pumpkins have a fairly short season (September to November) and actually making pumpkin from scratch can be rather time consuming. That being said, I see nothing wrong with using canned pumpkin. Farmer’s Market Foods offers a great organic canned pumpkin that I’ve been able to find in my “regular” grocery store (ie, not Whole Foods.)

To make Bananakin, you need:
1 can (organic) canned pumpkin
1 large (not necessarily organic) ripe banana

Combine pumpkin and sliced banana in your food processor and puree……(Go ahead. I’ll wait)……
Boom. Done. Baby food in under 2 minutes! See how easy that was?

Makes about 3 four oz servings.

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